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About Our Homeowners Program
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low rates on PA home owners insurance plans  ° Save over 20% with home & auto discount!

 ° We write older homes!

 ° Homes 50 yrs and newer eligible for up to 40% off!

 ° Water and Sewage backup coverage available.

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  • $246,000 Replacement cost coverage with $500 ded., in McKees Rocks, PA. Home built in 2007.
                ONLY $268.00 per year!

  • $432,000 Replacement cost coverage with $500 ded., in Carmichaels, PA. Home built in 2008.
                ONLY $346.00 per year!

  • $201,000 Replacement cost coverage with $500 ded., in E Stroudsburg, PA. Home built in 1958.
                ONLY $403.00 per year!

  • $235,000 Replacement cost coverage with $500 ded., in Philadelpia, PA. Home built in 1958.
                ONLY $440.00 per year!


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